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Jazz-Ensemble Searching for Home
Jazz-Ensemble Searching for Home

Searching for Home stands for excitement, variety and breaking down genre boundaries.
The eleven-strong band collective with musicians and producers from all over Germany overwhelms clubs and festivals with great sound, high energy and fat beats, without missing a richness of color and fragile moments.


With their influences ranging from jazz and funk to indie rock to classical and world music, one could accuse the musicians of not knowing what they want. But the opposite is the case: they know it very well, they simply don't want to leave anything behind on their journey.

The band

Lina Ida Wutzler • vocals

Ludwig Barth • bass

Johannes Kellig • bass

Hakim Azmi • keyboards

Kilian Srowik • guitar

Jeremias Wagler-Wernecke • guitar

Samuel Joseph • percussion

Florian Anger • drums

Hannes Weidauer • trumpet

Markus Rethberg • saxophone

Johann Giesecke • trombone

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