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Hidden flaws can be found everywhere, especially within ourselves. A lack of balance and the feeling of being overwhelmed with one's inner workings can be felt in many facets of life. It is often these feelings that drive us to express ourselves creatively. "Hidden Errors" takes up these topics and processes them in a very unique, energetic and optimistic way. 

Recorded at Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg, the album is a hybrid between live recording, overdubs and additional sound design. "Hidden Errors" was recorded, mixed and mastered by Johannes Kellig, the band's bassist and sound engineer at the time in Ludwigsburg. The Stuttgart jazz pianist and keyboardist Hannes Stollsteimer (for the Jakob Manz Project, among others) can be heard as a guest on other keyboard and synth layers. 

Rather than its predecessor, "Hidden Errors" focuses on a gigantic collective sound with vocals, horns, a multitude of keyboards, guitars, bass as well as drums and percussion without being overloaded. At the same time, the individual skills of the musicians flash up over and over again in virtuoso solos and tasteful melodies. The album stands for progression, energy and musicality. While the band does not want to settle on specific style. 

The single

"Leap in a Spark" was created as the last song on the album from a duo sketch by singer Lina Ida Wutzler and guitarist Jeremias Wagler-Wernecke. With its melancholic lyrics and thoughtful mood, the song is the perfect harbinger of the album. Carried by the vocals, "Leap in a Spark" develops into a soulful brass and piano feature with a pulsating groove.

The Studio Documentary

In March 2022, the musicians of Searching for Home traveled from Leipzig, Dresden and Berlin to spend ten days in Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg working on their second album. Julius Gintaras Blum, a longtime friend and multiple award-winning filmmaker, accompanied the band in the studio from the first note to the aftershow party. He was able to capture not only impressions from the studio work or exciting stories about the creation process of the album, but also the special mood of the band, which can be heard on "Hidden Errors".

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